Glazed Balcony

The balcony system is a product that can be folded and used according to seasonal changes.

The glazed balcony folding system is distinguished with aesthetic and functional characteristics. You have opportunity to choose the color according to the facility and your taste and also it is practical and durable production.

It is used 8 and 10 mm tempered glass in glazed balcony system, which minimizes the risk of breakage due to impact.

The glazed balcony system gives you a choice of color and product range and possibility to glaze any space.

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Prefabricated Homes

Prefabricated homes are built in a factory, which allows for simultaneous site and foundation work. Getting work done concurrently can reduce project time by up to half of what you would be spending on traditional construction.

Prefabricated homes can be disassembled and relocated or remodelled for reuse. You can create a new building with less time and effort than if you were to construct anew.

Prefabricated homes are perfect solution when your project is in an area that’s hard to access, like far-flung towns or places experiencing a surge in construction. Easy building access to remote areas.

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Artificial Grass Fence

Artificial grass fence is a type fence, which is quite often chosen thanks to its decorative, long-lasting and strong structure.

The products made of artificial grass create decorative partitions in the inner and outer parts of different facilities and gives the different colors to design. The decorative grass made of special polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is fixed on stainless steel wire.

If its is needed to list the artificial grass fence characteristics, we can give the following explanation: The decorative fence system that does not discolor due to artificial structure, does not burn, does not fall off and does not break.

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Fields Of Activity

The company “Turko” operates for over a quarter of a century and serves in various sectors and places.

  1. 1
    Glazed Balcony

    The purpose of glazed balcony folding system exceeds the traditional purpose of balcony use and creates a bright and attractive room where time can be spent at any time of the year.

  2. 2
    Automatic Shutter

    The automatic shutter system can easily fit in any place. In addition, the model with microholes (transparent) can provide the overall or partial appearance of interior and create a different aesthetic environment.

  3. 3
    Prefabricated Systems

    Containers are, first of all, used to mobilize the construction site. The container is a priority for arranging a power supply block, living block, social buildings, toilet and shower, changing room and other facilities. In addition, factory-made containers are used as temporary living units after natural disasters. For this purpose, we can provide shelters in the shortest possible time by folding and prefabricated containers manufactured by our firm research-development and production-development groups. The houses can also be built from the containers. These facilities, which generally are preferred by the user, are mostly used for seasonal buildings, on the land plots, for which no development plan is given, and to meet short-term requirement. In addition to the above mentioned main purposes, combined container systems are used for the arrangements of training, medical, military facilities and camp types.

  4. 4
    Artificial Grass Fence

    Decorative fence rolls are made from flameproof polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with the ultraviolet ray protection factor produced, using special formula, and via pressing and knitting electrostatic stainless galvanized wire in a special device.

    There can be made the desired sizes of decorative fence rolls.

    Standard dimensions: 100 cm x10 m – 120 cm x10 m – 150 cm x 10 m – 170 cm x 10 m – 200 cm x 10 m.

  1. 5
    Irrigation Systems

    Modern facilities can meet the need for living as well as aesthetic, comfortable and safe products, which gives the special importance to the chemical construction products that are used at all stages of construction. We believe that building, which increases living standards gives us a happy life, must be made only by using high-tech products. We attach great importance to research and development and introduce innovative building chemical products that make life more comfortable. We attach great importance to research and development process and introduce innovative chemical construction products that make life more comfortable.

  2. 6
    Construction Matetials

    In order to enable our modern buildings to meet our aesthetic, comfort and security needs as well as our housing needs, construction chemicals used in every stage of the construction play an important role. We offer innovative construction chemicals that help to make our lives comfortable with the importance we attach to research and development.

  3. 7
    Water Tanks

    The company “Turko” produces water tanks with a capacity from 300 liters to 10 tons for safe storage of water. Used raw material (linear high density polyethylene (LLDPE) and fiberglass-reinforced polyester) and equipment has a structure and characteristics of European standards. Our products are used in different sectors including household (apartments, residential blocks and residential complexes), manufacturing (textile, food, and catering, cleaning systems) and industries (acid, sodium chloride, fuel tanks, etc.).

  4. 8
    Import-Export Services

    If you want to launch and sell your products and brand in international market, not to be dependent only on the local market and expand the customer’s area, add a new vision to your company, we, company “Turko”, are ready to do these jobs on your behalf.




Specific Knowledge About The Sector

We can provide services, because we have the knowledge about the problems and market difficulties that our clients face.


Economical Price

Even if the product portfolio does not contain the desired for the client product, our company, the main principle of which is the integrity of the project and need satisfaction, provides you with this product for the most favorable price.

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Create Value In The Shortest Possible Time

We promise our clients and provide them with the creation of value in the shortest possible time. This value means “to reduce the cost to the minimum, the flow of cash and profit generation”.


Knowledge Of Global And Local Issues

We offer an international team with global experience in which the highly qualified specialists of local sectors are also united.