Artificial Grass Fence

Artificial grass fence is a type fence, which is quite often chosen thanks to its decorative, long-lasting and strong structure.

The products made of artificial grass create decorative partitions in the inner and outer parts of different structures and gives the different colors to design.

The decorative grass made of special polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is fixed on stainless steel wire.

Places for use of a decorative fence:
The decorative fencing system, which visually leaves the natural grass impression, is widely used in sports grounds, children’s parks, garden parts, living blocks and villas, in the gardens of cafes and restaurants, on the banks of the road and in the form of facade cover.

The use of this product is possible in many places, but due to its green color associated with peacefulness, this product is an essential element of the decor for the service sector, which is willing to create a calm environment for the client and to become an attractive for the customer who prefers a calm atmosphere.