Glazed Balcony Systems

The purpose of glazed balcony folding system exceeds the traditional purpose of balcony use and creates a bright and attractive room where time can be spent at any time of the year.

A glazed balcony in modern conditions brings people closer to nature and creates a living space that can be used at any time of the year.

The balcony system is a product that can be used according to seasonal changes.

The glazed balcony folding system is distinguished with aesthetic and functional characteristics.

You have opportunity to choose the color according to the facility and your taste and also it is practical and durable production.

It is used 8 and 10 mm tempered glass in glazed balcony system, which minimizes the risk of breakage due to impact.

The glazed balcony system gives you a choice of color and product range and possibility to glaze any space.

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