Irrigation System Connecting Elements

Please contact the company “Turko” for any type of connecting equipment you may need in the irrigation system.

Leave the connecting elements of rolled-type pipe away from solid and sharp objects during storage and installation. If you put the system under the ground, cover it with sand to protect is from solid and sharp objects. It is categorically inadmissible to use damaged adapters.

For the maximum efficiency during joining with coupler, T-connector connections and bends should be installed on the pipe with the angle of 90°, and other adapters – with the angle of 180 °. Joints’ details, which create different angles, cause the adaptor tension, thus reducing the system’s operating period.

It is needed a Teflon tape in gear joints. Teflon tape should be rolled on the adapter in the direction of tightening in order to prevent leakage. The use of a smaller amount of Teflon tape can cause water leakage from the adapter, also creates additional tension when using in large amounts, which can lead to adapter damage at the stage of installation.

The overtightening of nut on the adaptor during the installation, causes additional tension on the adapter, thus the product cannot provide the pressure guaranteed indicator. You should not forget that the products are made from plastic and for tightening it is only necessary to use the force that provides tightness.